It’s been a huge week for the world of professional wrestling, as NJPW held their annual Wrestle Kingdom event, and shortly after both Kenny Omega and KUSHIDA announced that they were leaving the company.

NJPW President Harold Meij commented on the situation on the New Japan website and announcer Chris Charlton translated the following quote:

“Talent will come & go. That’s life. Half of Japanese people have had more than one occupation. More overseas. There are different life stages, priorities change. What counts is that while here, ppl shine as bright as possible & produce the best product possible for us”

He also seemed to reference the launch of AEW when he said that more promotions in the market is proof that the market is healthy.

Meij then emphasized that even though NJPW is expanding its reach to accommodate demand from international fans, the company is still very much focused on Japan.