nikki bella

Nikki Bella has been on a lot of people’s minds recently due to her breakup with John Cena. Whether Cena is really getting back out there this quickly and dating already is another story but one thing we can be pretty sure of is that Nikki hasn’t been doing too well because she told us so. But she is still remaining fearless and looking to the future like always.

Nikki recently updated fans via the Bella Twins YouTube channel where she not only disclosed that she’s been living with her sister Brie Bella, brother-in-law Daniel Bryan, and niece Birdie Joe but she also let fans take a look at some decorating she’s been able to do around the office.

She showed off her awesome plaque YouTube sent her for having 1 million subscribers and her awesome Women’s Royal Rumble plaque WWE sent her featuring everyone who was in the match. But one thing she didn’t address was John Cena. She’s obviously trying to move past it but this kind of thing can take some time.

It’s great to see Nikki Bella back on YouTube and she’s looking good even though she admitted that she thinks that she’s put on weight since her wedding was canceled. But that kind of thing is totally understandable and she still looks amazing because she’s still Nikki Bella. Hopefully, brighter days are coming very soon for Nikki Bella but in the meantime, she has her Birdie Bee clothing line and plenty of other projects to keep her occupied.

Bella is also looking forward to the next season of Total Bellas which debuts on May 20th. But she did say it will be a hard one to watch for her. It’s still nice to see Nikki back and it’s great that she has someone like Brie and Bryan who will let her crash at their place while she goes through this hard life transition.

Keep your head up, Nikki.

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