nikki bella

Some people are just good at everything they do. Not only did her and sister Brie just waltz into an open casting call so many years ago and become WWE’s Bella Twins, but Nikki has used that platform to do some big things. She has truly made her life a bowl of oysters (is that the saying?).

Not only is she the star of Total Bellas and Total Divas but the longest running WWE Women’s Champion is also a pretty fresh skateboarder too. She claims she hasn’t skateboarded in ten years but it looks like she’s been brushing up for the camera.

While her life probably doesn’t give her much time to hit the skate park (imagine Nikki Bella showing up at your local skater hang out) she still gave it her best try. After all, John Cena probably keeps her plenty busy and if Nikki’s not preoccupied attending media events and dinner with her man, she’s got plenty of other things to do.

Nikki said she had a “freaking blast” skateboarding and said she used to love it. She learned how to ollie on her first day back and is going to start practicing again. It’s cool she said she had respect for skateboarders and really put over the sport for having skilled athletes.

During the end of the video, Nikki had to close things up because she was on her way to the gym. She also gave us a view of her rear to illustrate the part of her body she intended on concentrating on. So if you’re not into skateboarding as much you’ve got that to look forward to.

Finally, she plugged season seven of Total Divas because that’s probably the reason why she was skateboarding in the first place. We knew there had to be a better reason for Nikki to pick up skateboarding out of the blue.

Check out her Instagram posts below while you’re at it to get a look at her in action before the rest of the footage airs on Total Divas.

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