Rey Mysterio is back in WWE for one-night apparently for the Greatest Royal Rumble and as he enjoys himself in Jeddah it seems he might have forgotten his mask a time or two.

Mysterio does his best to hide his face by throwing up a hand gesture of some kind but it doesn’t hide much and if anything, we can see the part of the face he usually covers with his mask because we know what Rey Mysterio’s mouth looks like.

In another sign that kayfabe might very well be dead and social media reigns supreme, Rey Mysterio still looks extremely happy to be with his WWE family in Saudi Arabia even without a mask on.

Kurt Angle also posted a picture of himself, Mysterio and The Great Khali to his Instagram. As you can see Rey Mysterio isn’t doing much to hide his face in that one either.

WrestleMania 34 was a night that many fans will never forget and this was especially true for one 10-year-old boy in the crowd name Nicholas. Braun Strowman needed a tag team partner for his Raw Tag Team Title match and the only thing fans knew for sure was that The Bar was going to get those hands. But they had no idea who would team with the Monster Among Men.

In a rather surprising move, Strowman turned to the packed Mercedes Benz Superdome to find his new partner. He searched the floor of the stadium until he came across a young man named Nicholas who Strowman brought to the ring.

Nicholas was actually tagged into the match for a moment but he didn’t take a bump instead he decided just to tag Braun back in. Then Strowman quickly ended the match meaning Braun and Nicholas were the new Raw Tag Team Champions. As referee John Cone raised Nicholas’ hand in victory few people were aware at the time that he was actually the boy’s father.

WWE might be a little late to the party but at least Nicholas is finally getting his own WWE t-shirt. He might have to share some of the royalty money with Braun Strowman but I’m sure he doesn’t mind.