women's champion

Last week Roman Reigns celebrated his 1,000 day title reign in the main event segment of SmackDown, and Triple H presented him with a brand new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt. It’s been rumored for some time that WWE would be introducing more new belts, and that’s exactly what happened this week on SmackDown.

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka made her way down to the ring, and Adam Pearce presented her with a brand new belt that he referred to as the WWE Women’s Championship. It was pretty much the same belt as the Raw Women’s Championship only with a gold plate in the middle instead of a red plate. Pearce went to put the belt around Asuka’s waist, and that’s when Charlotte Flair made her surprise return.

Charlotte made it clear that she wants a title shot and Adam Pearce told her she needs to get in line. However, Charlotte said she doesn’t wait in line because she made the line. The Queen told Asuka that she respects her, but she wants the belt, so she’s challenging her for the title. Asuka then accepted the challenge.