Over the past few years, WWE has made the decision to shorten the names of many of their superstars, just because it seems to roll off the tongue much easier.

The likes of Antonio Cesaro, Big E Langston and Alexander Rusev have all been given this treatment and it seems that TJ Perkins has become the latest star to have their name shortened.

On Monday night Raw Perkins was only referred to as TJP when he made his entrance to the ring and his Titantron had been changed to reflect this as well. It seems that WWE has not only made the decision to make the name shorter but to also reflect his recent heel turn.

The video below shows that the announce team only refer to Perkins as TJP throughout his match with Aries on Monday night.

TJ Perkins wrestles under his real name in WWE, after wrestling under the Suicide guise for a while in Impact Wrestling, and now it seems that this could have also had something to do with the change. It is also worth noting that during his time with Evolve a few years go, Perkins was known as TJP for most of his heel run, which could be why WWE decided it’s a good idea.

Perkins seems to have opened up a much more personal feud with Austin Aries after the attack on Monday night Raw, so the name change could also mean that WWE has huge plans for the cruiserweight star and inaugural Cruiserweight Champion moving forward.