new day

The New Day has been on a roll since the very early days of the stable. It didn’t take them long to hit their stride and they were pouring Booty-O’s into the mouths of fans in no time. These guys have also been merchandising machines which is not only going to win them massive approval in the eyes of Vince McMahon but also put considerable coin in the pockets of Kingston, Woods, and Big E.

As the four-time Tag Team Champions make their way toward immortality they haven’t seemed to dwindle in popularity or slack off in their creative freedom on WWE television. When you’re on the level these three have accomplished it’s not only a big deal but also provides them the leverage to pull off some insane shenanigans in and out of the ring.

The New Day recently sat down with William Mullally where they talked about some of their favorite moments in the ring. While discussing some of the fun they’ve been able to take part in it’s obvious how much they still enjoy each other’s company. These three are very tight and that bond is obvious in the ring.

But through it all, one of the more interesting revelations is where they revealed they can say anything they want to in the ring. They were joking a lot during this interview which is to be expected when you’re dealing with them. But there is probably a lot of truth there even if it was said in a humorous manner.

It wouldn’t be surprising if they’re allowed to go as far as they want in their promos. After all, they know where the hard-line is and are intelligent enough not to intentionally destroy it. But just because they know where the line is it doesn’t mean they can’t walk on it very closely.