Natalya was sitting pretty as the SmackDown Women’s Champion on her way to Houston where she planned on representing the blue brand as part of Survivor Series. But Charlotte Flair really threw a monkey wrench into those plans when she defeated The Queen Of Harts for her beloved title in Charlotte, North Carolina during the go home show leading into Survivor Series.

It was a hard fought battle but Flair came out victorious. This created a couple interesting situations on SmackDown for WWE’s annual November Classic. One thing is it opened up a spot on Team SmackDown’s female side which could very well be filled by a surprise return. But it also meant Natalya is likely to be left off the card this year.

It really is a shame seeing how hard the 35-year-old representative of the famous Hart wrestling family has worked to get where she is. But Natalya is game for anything from putting someone over to being involved in an angle centering around her flatulence while she did squats in the hallway.

Natalya’s response to losing her title was extremely professional and poised. But in the end, it certainly seems like she’ll be vying to recapture her title as soon as possible.

The Bludgeon Brothers are set to make their big debut on SmackDown Live and we’re all wondering one thing: will they bring their giant hammers?

Of course, others could be more worried about whether WWE will finally have a proper gimmick for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan as well… but it’s really mostly about the hammers, right?

One team looks like they’re lining up to put a stop to Harper and Rowan’s new personas even before they get off the ground. While they could just be volunteering to be Harper and Rowan’s next victims, The Hype Bros seemed pretty sure of themselves when they laid down this challenge.