It’s been a few months since fans have seen Naomi wrestle a match on WWE programming, but the former SmackDown Women’s Champion recently took to Twitter to share an update on her status.

In her tweet Naomi noted that she lost a loved one, and she’s been dealing with her own personal health issues that she wasn’t aware of.

Naomi posted the following on Twitter:

“I’ve faced some trying times the past few months…losing a loved one so dear to me (rocked me to my core) & handling my own health issues I wasn’t aware of forced me to slow down & reevaluate…I want my loving fans to know that I’m ok and will be back when the time is right😘”

Although it’s not clear when Naomi will be returning to the ring, fans can catch her in the new season of Total Divas which premieres on E! Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 10 ET/7 PT.