The Mirror has an interview with MVP, who is currently in the UK. Here are some highlights from the interview:
Wanting to work with Kurt Angle:

“Kurt’s out with knee surgery – I don’t know how long he’s going to be out, and I’m not really sure at this stage of his life and his career, how much longer he’ll be with us – I don’t want to speculate. I do know if you lace up a pair of boots, Kurt Angle is someone you want to get in the ring with. If that doesn’t happen, I will truly feel like this has been a missed opportunity for me – selfishly.”

Being indebted to Vince McMahon:

“When society wouldn’t give me an opportunity to earn a minimum wage because I was a convicted felon, Vince McMahon gave me an opportunity to earn more money than both of my parents had made in their lives combined Visit Wrestling Inc. and become an international star. [Then]I asked to leave, and he allowed me to go – and said the door’s open when you want to come back. I’m totally indebted to Vince McMahon for both of those opportunities.”

Where he wants to retire:

“When I’m ready to retire, my goal is to retire in Japan. We’ll see – I don’t know what’s coming down the road. I know for the foreseeable future, if a TNA Title run is on the cards for me, that’d be a huge honour.”

MVP also discussed leaving WWE, wanting to work in Mexico before his career is over, other TNA stars he “had to work with” and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.