MVP recently announced that he’s been working with Lucha Underground in a backstage role for the company as an agent. The plan was to have MVP work with talent to put matches together and eventually he was going to make his television debut.

MVP released a new video revealing that his contract has been terminated by Lucha Underground because he inadvertently violated the terms of the deal. He says that he was interviewing talents from the Lucha Underground roster for an episode of his podcast which accidentally violated the non-disclosure agreement in his contract.

MVP then went on to put over Lucha Underground big time. In the video he takes full responsibility for what happened between him and LU and he encourages fans to tune into the show. He says he has no animosity towards the company and that he’s disappointed in the situation because he was very excited about the opportunity to work with Lucha Underground.

“I’m taking this one on the chin guys, I blew it. I made a mistake and the powers that be decided that my contract should be terminated and I accept that. In this industry I’ve established a reputation for myself for being brutally honest. In this case, I’m being honest with you, I f**ked up and I blew a tremendous opportunity. I have no one to blame but myself. I have no animosity towards Lucha Underground. I had a great time there. The locker room was tremendous. All of the executive producers and the creative team treated me great.”

Definitely a tough break for MVP but this was a very classy statement on his part. Hopefully something can be worked out in the future. MVP also noted that he’s taking bookings now and you can reach him at

You can watch the full video of the clip above.