Over the course of his career The Miz has gone from being a MTV star to a WWE Superstar, and now it looks like another MTV star could be looking to do the same thing. Cara Maria, who apparently is part of a MTV show called “The Challenge” recently took to Twitter to say that getting into WWE is a goal of hers, and she also took a shot at the ladies on the roster.

Of course she didn’t stop there, as she went on to say that all women in WWE act and look like strippers.

She’s obviously just trying to stir the pot, and it seems to be working because wrestling fans didn’t take kindly to her comments when responding on Twitter. However, looking back on how far the women of the WWE have come over the past few years, Cara Maria seems to be pretty out of touch with the current state of women’s wrestling.

One person who is in touch with the current state of women’s wrestling is former WWE Divas Champion Paige. Although she doesn’t always get the credit she deserves, Paige played a big role in shaping the women’s revolution with her rivalries in NXT, and her work on the main roster. After Cara went public with her stripper comment, Paige decided to get in on the conversation by putting her in her place.

As Paige noted, the ladies of the WWE do a lot more than just act like strippers, but again, Paige only helped to bring the women’s revolution into the mainstream, so what does she know?

Following the backlash from the fans, Cara Maria continued to get people riled up by taking more shots at the current roster.

She did also admit that she’s trying to stir the pot.

It seems that all Cara Maria really wants is a little bit of attention, and it looks like she got exactly what she wanted.