During Ken Anderson’s time with WWE he was known to wrestling fans as Mr. Kennedy and when Mr. Kennedy first arrived on the main roster people took notice. It didn’t take long for Mr. Kennedy to become one of the most talked about wrestlers in the company, but during his time in OVW he was still trying to piece it all together.

The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion recently appeared on GAW TV and he noted that things started to fall into place for him after he was told he needed to do something to stand out, so he bleached his hair then started taking his promos to the next level.

“It was right before I got called up to the active roster,” Anderson recalled. “I remember [then-WWE producer] Steve Keirn came down to OVW one time, and he was like ‘You look good, but you just look like a guy next door. You gotta do something that stands out.’ Steve always said ‘You should walk into a place, and people look at you and go ‘I don’t know who that guy is, but he’s somebody.’ I went home and I bleached my hair and my goatee, and [OVW booker Jim] Cornette was so mad at me. He put me with the Blond Bombers, and gave me a promo on OVW TV that night and I swung for the fences, and I just went crazy. I came back through the curtain, and he was like ‘Where the f**k has THAT guy been?'”

According to Ken Anderson shortly after that Jim Cornette was fired from OVW and Paul Heyman was put in his place. Anderson noted that the way Paul Heyman talked to him really helped him start to get it, and he felt like he belonged by the time he made it to the WWE main roster.

H/T Wrestling Inc.