mr. kennedy

When Ken Anderson (formerly known as Mr. Kennedy) first arrived on the WWE main roster he quickly ascended through the ranks. Anderson worked with some of the biggest names in the business and it sounds like he had a number of people looking out for him.

During a recent appearance on GAW TV the former WWE star talked about his early days with the company and he noted that Matt Hardy, Shane Helms and Chris Benoit all took him under their wing.

“Matt Hardy. I had Matt and Shane Helms. [Chris] Benoit. I was under Benoit’s learning tree quite a bit when I first got there. You know, the thing about that roster when I got there was it felt like everybody was helpful. You had Booker [T], you had [Under]taker, you had Batista, Finlay.”

Ken Anderson was one of WWE’s most talked about wrestlers at the time and his popularity led to him winning the Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania 23 in 2007. Originally he was set to cash in and win the World Heavyweight Championship, but due to a misdiagnosed injury he missed out on the opportunity as the Money in the Bank contract was given to Edge who cashed in on The Undertaker to win the title.

Anderson was released from WWE in 2009 and he went on to join TNA where he became a two time TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Since his release WWE has yet to bring him back to the company.

H/T Wrestling Inc.