mixed match challenge

WWE kicked off the second season of Mixed Match Challenge a few months ago, and the finals will take place Sunday night at TLC when Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox face off against R-Truth & Carmella.

Throughout the course of the tournament a few teams had to be changed, as Superstars were pulled from Mixed Match Challenge due to various reasons including injury.

The show gives WWE fans more weekly content to enjoy, but according to a WWE employee who spoke with Fightful under the condition of anonymity, MMC is said to be a giant mess.

“Mixed Match Challenge is a giant mess. Nobody knows on a weekly basis what’s going to happen, who will be hurt, or how things will end up. It’s really cheap content and easy to film so (we’re) going to keep doing it until we’re not able to do it anymore. The wrestlers enjoy working the matches, but it has become a big inconvenience for several who lose their days off to a tournament that won’t really help them.”

WWE made some challenges to the tournament format for the second season, but if the show continues it sounds like the powers that be might want to consider making some more changes in the future.

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