maria kanellis

You never know what life can throw at you and it looks like Mike and Maria Kanellis have something very special to look forward to this year. The birth of the couple’s first child is on the way and both of these soon-to-be parents are extremely excited about it, as they should be.

Mike Kanellis has been through a lot in the last year with signing to WWE and overcoming addiction in the process. The Power Of Love might not have received much love from WWE creative or the fans for that matter, but those are small things considering where the two are now compared to where they could be.

These strong individuals have gone through more than just Mike’s trials as well because Maria recently had to address her leaked nude pictures and she did so in a supremely mature fashion. But right now it isn’t a time to focus on the bad things because Mike and Maria have plenty to be excited about as they prepare for a brand new bundle of joy.

The couple announced they’re having a girl, and you can watch the reveal video below. Let’s just hope Maria Kanellis will be able to join her husband on the road when the time comes so they can continue their role as a heel tandem on WWE television.

Mike and Maria Kanellis have spread their message about the Power Of Love all over the world from TNA to New Japan Pro Wrestling with great success and heat. Therefore WWE is just another stop for them but hopefully, it will be a long visit with McMahon and Company.