Mickie James is apparently back on the market after a breakup with Magnus. Magnus informed the world via twitter that the two have decided to call it quits.


Here is the updated lineup for TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV. Bound For Glory airs this Sunday October 20th.

TNA Championship Match
– Bully Ray © vs. AJ Styles

Singles Match
– Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

Singles Match
– Sting vs. Magnus

Ultimate X Match for the TNA X Division Championship
– Manik © vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
– ODB © vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
– James Storm & Gunner vs. Winner of Pre-Show Gauntlet

Pre-Show Gauntlet Tag Team Match
– Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Eric Young & Joseph Park vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. The Bro-Mans


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