WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley noted on Twitter that he will be donating his brain to CTE research. A fan made a comment on Twitter saying that Foley should donate his brain to science, and Foley responded by telling the fan that Chris Nowinski has already sold him on the idea.


Kevin Nash announced a few weeks ago that he plans to donate his brain to CTE research when he passes away. Jeff Hardy also noted during a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio that he plans on donating his brain to CTE research as well

Rob Van Dam is another wrestler who plans to donate his brain to CTE research. He told Taz that he believes more research needs to be done in regards to a possible correlation between THC and severity of concussion damage.

“I’ve donated my brain and spine to the study. I used to tell Chris Nowinski that I thought there was a correlation between THC and brains being protected by concussion damage. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of concussions and I don’t think I have any permanent damage but a lot of my peers do. A lot of my friends say ‘oh yeah I space out’ or see lights or this and that. Chris (Nowinski) said ‘you know what you’re probably on to something but it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars before even starting the study.’ So anyway, the NFL is all over it now.”