Becky Lynch has been wrapped up in a feud with Charlotte and she can’t seem to get the upper hand because Charlotte has Ric Flair in her corner. Mick Foley briefly mentioned during a recent Q&A session that he would be interested in possibly managing Becky Lynch. He talked a little bit about the idea on his Facebook page as he posted the following:

“During my Q&A in Greenville, SC on Thursday, I was asked a simple question: “If you could manage one person in WWE, who would it be?”

So, I gave a simple answer: “Becky Lynch”, along with my explanation of why – and by the next morning, it had become a genuine news story. I really wasn’t trying to make news; I was just answering a question honestly. But who knows – maybe the attention will lead to something in the future – and to quote my friend DDP, “That’s not a bad thing; it’s a good thing.”

Maybe Manager isn’t quite the right term – but it’s obvious Becky needs someone to neutralize “Nature Boy” Ric Flair – and given my real life history with Ric, and my real life friendship with Becky, I think I could do a good job, if asked.

How would you feel about a possible Lynch/Foley collaboration? I think we would make a ‪#‎Bexcellent‬ duo.”