Mauro Ranallo was a voice for one of the biggest fights of all time on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather might have given it all in the boxing ring, but the commentary team really brought it all together.

During the fight, the commentary team kept talking about how McGregor usually tires after twenty-five minutes of fighting and that’s exactly what happened. The vivid interpretation and storytelling from the commentary team was not only appreciated, but it was just as outstanding as the action in the ring.

Of course, Mauro Ranallo couldn’t have done it all by himself as he had help from Al Bernstein and Paul Malignaggi, with Brian Custer as the studio host, and Jim Gray as ringside reporter. But since Mauro Ranallo is the only one of these gentlemen in the WWE family, that’s who we’re going to focus on here.

This fight will go down in history and whenever someone watches it they will hear the voice of Mauro Ranallo which is a pretty cool thing to think about. It seems as time goes on Mauro Ranallo’s importance in the world of sports broadcasting is only becoming more evident.

During the fight, a couple WWE Superstars were happy to send their congratulations out to Ranallo. The Bi-Polar Rock n Roller has had his trouble with WWE in the past, but he’s back in the family now and it’s great to still have him aboard.

I even got into the game of praising Mauro Ranallo during the fight for his outstanding work and he retweeted me. I sent another message out about how impressed I was with his ability to retweet me while McGregor and Mayweather were making their entrances and he proved how on top of things he was by retweeting me again.

Well played, Mauro.