Over the years there have been some iconic bald men who have made names for themselves in the squared circle, such as Hulk Hogan, Goldberg and others. Right now Cesaro is holding it down for the bald guys on the Raw brand, and Mattel apparently feels that Cesaro’s recent performances have been Hall of Fame worthy, because they mixed him up with another bald man, WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin.

As you can see above, someone placed a Cesaro figure in packaging that’s clearly meant for Steve Austin. But the good news is, anyone willing to purchase the figure will be able to dress Cesaro up like good old Stone Cold, so that’s a plus.

Cesaro took the mix up in jest, and passed the photo on to Steve Austin himself.

Cesaro has been teaming with Sheamus on Raw as of late, and they seem to be forming a bond as a wacky, mismatched tag team. During this week’s episode of Raw, Cesaro and Sheamus found themselves in a bar room brawl, and they destroyed everyone in the room in what was one of the show’s more memorable moments.


  1. This is not Mattel’s fault. Some GROWN ASS MAN repacked an Elite box with a Basic figure thinking no one would notice and returned it.