Goldberg recently returned to the ring when he faced The Undertaker at WWE Super ShowDown, but their match was heavily criticized online due to a few spots that didn’t end up going as planned.

Matt Riddle wasted no time taking to social media to criticize Goldberg after the match was over, and he held nothing back while talking to talkSPORT about why he’s not a fan of the WWE Hall of Famer.

“The thing for me is, and one of the reasons I was never a fan of Goldberg in the beginning when everybody was like ‘oh, he’s so good!’ I was like ‘no, he’s terrible, he’s hurting people’ and there’s nothing else. He just has three-minute matches. And that was my thing and when people say ‘who was your favourite wrestler?’ I really don’t have one. I just liked really good wrestling. That’s why I fight and I do that. So for me, I don’t care how much money he makes, I’m just glad people were entertained. But, stick to your wheelhouse, bro. And stop headbutting doors before you wrestle. And I’m not hating – I’m not hating – I’m just spitting facts and these are all facts and things he should take into consideration. And not just for me, not because he got made fun of, but for his health as well.”

Riddle has also said in the past that he wants to retire Brock Lesnar, but unlike Goldberg the NXT star noted that he has a lot of respect for The Beast.

“I have a huge amount of respect for Lesnar [as opposed to Goldberg]. You know, he’s done everything since he came into it. He works hard. You don’t look like Lesnar without working hard. You don’t pick up things, get to the top of multiple industries and sports without working hard. Do I like his work, per se, and his attitude right now? No. But, I think that’s why it’s good [between them]. He’s the complete opposite of me, but we’re the same.”

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