broken matt hardy

Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt have been feuding on Raw for months now, but it looks like their feud could be coming to an end shortly.

Woken Matt recently challenged Bray to a match at the Hardy Compound which will be known as The Ultimate Deletion, and Bray Wyatt has officially accepted the challenge.

It seems that the match will be WWE’s take on the infamous Final Deletion match which aired on Impact Wrestling in 2016, and it’s been reported that fans should expect to see The Ultimate Deletion air on Raw sometime before WrestleMania 34.

Matt’s “Woken” persona has certainly helped him get more TV time on Raw, but fans can’t help but notice that “Woken” is not “Broken.”

There are some out there who feel that Woken Matt isn’t working quite as well as Broken Matt did, but everyone’s hanging on to see where this path will take him.

It was confirmed a few months ago that Matt does indeed own the rights to the Broken Universe now, and he teased on Twitter that the return of Broken Matt could be coming soon.

One fan by the name of Andrew David Cox apparently hopes to see less of Woken Matt and more of Broken Matt on WWE programming, and he created a hilarious parody song/video to the tune of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” which can be watched below.