broken matt hardy

It’s been an interesting year for Matt Hardy to say the least. At the beginning of 2017 he was known to wrestling fans all over the world as Broken Matt Hardy, but after The Hardys parted ways with Impact Wrestling, the company claimed ownership of several things related to the Broken Universe.

The battle between the two sides has been very public, but Matt moved on to bigger things when he and his brother Jeff returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 and won the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Things were going well for The Hardys, but now that Jeff Hardy is sitting on the sidelines following his recent surgery, Matt has been lost in the shuffle on Raw as of late.

Fans who followed the Broken Universe closely know just how entertaining the Broken Matt Hardy character can be, and it looks like the former WWE Tag Team Champion is still trying his hardest to make the character his again.

PWInsider is reporting that Matt Hardy has submitted new evidence in an attempt to trademark the character.

Hardy’s request for the trademark was originally refused back in May by the USPTO, for unacceptable documents providing proof of use.

Hardy recently submitted a promotional poster which features the Broken Matt character appearing for CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling during The Hardys’ Expedition of Gold tour.

Matt Hardy reportedly hired an IP lawyer based in Nashville, TN to help him with registering the trademark.

Over the past few months Hardy has teased a new iteration of the character that would seemingly be called Woken Matt Hardy, but WWE has yet to pull the trigger on the gimmick.

Hopefully this time around things will work out in Matt Hardy’s favor, and he can go back to deleting people at will.