matt hardy

Matt Hardy has been on the minds of so many recently. He is currently going through a rather awful legal battle concerning the ownership of his Broken Universe gimmick with Impact Wrestling, and word is the worst is yet to come. However, things very well might be getting better for Matt Hardy. Reports are there is a WWE contract waiting for him and his brother Jeff if they choose to take it.

Matt Hardy seems to be inching closer back into the WWE fold recently as well. There have been reports Matt is interested in joining the cast of Southpaw Regional Wrestling and his brother Jeff said they’d like to bring the Broken Universe to WWE.

Now Matt Hardy is making an even bolder move as he is directly congratulating Kurt Angle on his upcoming induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Matt and Kurt spent some time together in both WWE and TNA so they know each other well. There’s no doubt this message was totally sincere and we hope it means Matt is looking forward to working with The Olympic Hero in WWE once again as well.

Although there hasn’t been any word whether Matt has signed the new deal with WWE, reports say it’s a matter of “when” not “if.” Who knows when we’ll be seeing the Hardys travel through space and time to arrive back in WWE. But it probably won’t be by the Hall Of Fame ceremony this year as the Hardys are booked to defend the ROH Tag Team Championships against the Young Bucks at Supercard Of Honor the day following Kurt Angle’s induction.