the hardy boyz

Matt and Jeff Hardy are without a doubt one of the most popular tag teams of all time, and they’ve won championship gold countless times throughout their storied career.

But Matt recently had to take a step back from in-ring competition to focus on his health, and at some point Jeff will have to slow down as well.

Matt recently talked to Jim Ross about Jeff’s future on The Jim Ross Report, and he said that he thinks his brother will wrestle for two or three more years.

“I have to be honest, like, he is right up there with having one of the most indestructible vessels of all time because the amount of punishment he put his body through and for him to just keep on ticking, it’s just unreal,” Matt said via Wrestling Inc. “It’s just unreal. Like, it makes me question half the time whether he is truly human. It’s like aliens just dropped off a baby brother for me as opposed to a regular human being. He’s amazing as far as his perseverance. But I don’t know. With him I’d say maybe a couple of years. I would say two or three more years if he can hang in there.”

Jeff is currently working on the SmackDown Live brand, and he’s set to compete in the WWE World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel on Friday.

How much longer do you think Jeff will wrestle for? Sound off in the comments below.