broken matt hardy

Last week Matt Hardy set the internet on fire when he started showing signs of his “broken” persona. It now appears that WWE is going full steam ahead with Matt’s transformation, and he recently changed his Twitter name to Woken Matt Hardy.

Matt spent a good portion of 2017 wrapped up in a legal battle with Impact Wrestling over the rights to the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, and the company recently released a statement saying they will now be allowing talents to keep their gimmicks when they leave the company, and they will no longer be pursuing legal action.

With Impact backing off, it seems that Matt is safe to be Broken Matt Hardy again which has left fans wondering why he’s pushing the Woken Matt Hardy name. is reporting that Matt will be known as Woken Matt Hardy because WWE wants him to use a persona that they can own, hence why the new name is being used.

So, after fighting for the rights to Broken Matt Hardy all year, it appears that Matt will have to give WWE the rights to Woken Matt Hardy if he wants to use the character on TV.

But this seems like the best scenario for all parties involved because if for some reason Matt and WWE decide to go their separate ways in the next few years, Matt will still be free to use the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick now that Impact’s policy on gimmicks has changed.