When you look back at the history of WrestleMania this is one of those matches that jumps right out at you without a doubt as one of the biggest in the history of the event. Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania will always be synonymous with WrestleMania but this was the match that attempted to change the direction of the company by making The Ultimate Warrior the new face of the WWE.

The Ultimate Warrior was on the rise and Hulk Hogan was still just as popular as ever which was great because it added to the hype for the match as the Hulkamaniacs and the Warriors got to root for their favorite. WrestleMania main events seem to be hit or miss over the past few years but this one is a true spectacle and embodies everything that makes the event so huge as an estimated 67,678 packed the SkyDome in Toronto to witness this moment in WWE history.

Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior have had their differences with each other and WWE over the years but we’re happy that they seemed to settle the issue shortly before WrestleMania XXX. The Ultimate Warrior is now a full fledged WWE Hall of Fame and rumors of Hulkamania is running wild once again. WrestleMania XXX was an epic moment for both superstars and we only hope that the Ultimate Warrior will live on.