the miz

There was a little bit of worry The Miz might have to miss WrestleMania because his first child was expected on May 6th, 2018 just two days before the Show Of Shows. Monroe Sky Mizanin was born a little bit early on March 27th to give her daddy a chance to enjoy a little bit of time with her before he had to go be the A-Lister. But that still didn’t keep the then-Intercontinental Champion from making Raw the next Monday.

As The Miz starts to learn the delicate dance of juggling fatherhood and being a WWE Superstar it is apparently weighing on him heavily.

Maryse spoke to People recently where she said The Miz is not only an amazing father but during this experience she has also seen him cry for the first time in twelve years over separating with her and Monroe Sky.

“He was telling me how hard it is to leave us. He knew it was going to be hard but it’s a lot harder than he thought,” Maryse revealed. “Mike is not the type who will cry. I’ve never seen him cry in 12 years, but he’s just so cute. You can tell she stole his heart.”

Thankfully, we live in a day and age where technology can assist in connecting people across the planet which The It Couple takes full advantage of.

“FaceTime helps because she’s changing every day. I bombard him every day with 100 photos, it’s ridiculous. At some point, I have to stop, but he loves it. It’s definitely hard but we try to work it out.”

It looks like The Miz’s new character trait of being an over-the-top loving father isn’t be too far off from how he really is now. If WWE is trying to paint a heel who gets heat for constantly talking about their kid then that might be interesting.

But in the meantime, it looks like The Miz will keep trying to make it work as he seems to do an awesome job at whichever part of his life he’s focused on. We’re sure to see a lot more stuff like this on Miz & Mrs which is set to debut on USA Network this Summer.