Mark Henry has had a long run in the world of professional wrestling, and throughout his WWE career the Hall of Famer was involved in some interesting moments to say the least.

At one point Mark Henry was involved in a segment which saw Mae Young give birth to a hand, and it’s become one of the most infamous moments in WWE history.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion recently told Chris Van Vliet that he still picks on Vince McMahon for the segment, and that he thinks Vince did it just to entertain himself.

“I still pick on Vince every time I see him. Are you ever going to tell me what the deal was with the hand? And he just starts laughing, ‘It’s a hand!’ Welcome to the world of pro-wrestling. Everything don’t make sense, but it’s entertaining as hell. I don’t know what the plan was. I just go with the flow. I did think, why, I’m just curious, of all the things, why a hand? And Vince, he just bust out laughing every time I ask him. It’s the biggest ongoing joke, and I think that’s what it is. He just did it to entertain himself.”

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