maria kanellis

With so many Superstars on the WWE roster, only so many talents can appear on TV every week, but not everyone stays quiet when they feel they aren’t being used properly. Maria Kanellis recently took to Twitter and she commented on the lineup for 205 Live this week when she posted the following:

Ultimately Mike Kanellis didn’t wrestle a match on 205 Live this week, but Mike and Maria did appear in a backstage segment.

It was recently reported that Mike and Maria signed new contracts, and a fan responded to Maria when he said, “You just signed a new contract and you’re already complaining.”

However, Maria noted that WWE is her job, and she voices her opinion because she wants to change things from the inside.

“Call it what you want. It’s a job not a dictatorship. I have an opinion. I will speak my opinion. I will try to change things from the inside. How do you think I got things done in every company I’ve worked for? By putting the work in and fighting for what I believe is right.”

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