The Evidence Of WFN is coming whether WWE likes it or not. Jon Bravo has been working nonstop since the beginning of this thing and he is probably in much need of a break. But the finish line seems to be in sight and all he has to do is make one more sprint and soon his 25-minute long documentary about Richard Rodriguez’s Wellness Fitness Nutrition steroid ring’s connection to WWE will finally be released.

Jon Bravo recently updated interested parties that the upcoming documentary has a release date which probably means he’s filmed any extra scenes and has done all the fact checking he needed to do. Now it will only be a matter of time until we see this evidence.

The film will drop on Friday night and we’re already wondering what kind of a treasure trove of scandal and information it would hold. I also can’t help but wonder who might be suspended due to the release of this documentary. Because even if Roman Reigns is in the clear, other current Superstars could still face suspension very close to WrestleMania.

Bravo released a small teaser from the upcoming doc including a portion where they seem to focus on Roman Reigns. This is even more evidence that he was talking about Roman instead of Luther Reigns because there was some confusion when it came out that both Roman and Luther could have been customers of Richard Rodriguez.

Only time will tell what this documentary will reveal, but we’ll certainly keep you updated as more news develops in this ongoing situation.