Last year at Crown Jewel fans saw the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns defend his title against the one and only Logan Paul. Unfortunately for Logan Paul he wasn’t able to defeat The Tribal Chief, but he did get another shot at gold this year when he challenged Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship.

Logan Paul got a special entrance as cameras showed footage of him driving a dune buggy into the arena. He pulled the dune buggy onto the stage then made his way down the ramp.

Throughout the match Logan Paul tried to wear Rey Mysterio down as he targeted Mysterio’s midsection. Mysterio eventually got the momentum back and called for the 619, but Logan Paul took him down with his version of the Buckshot Lariat.

Logan Paul then went for his super powerful punch. However, Mysterio countered by putting him in the crossface which Paul broke up when he grabbed the ropes. They went to the top rope and Logan Paul hit Rey Mysterio with a moonsault fallaway slam. He followed up with a pin, but Mysterio kicked out.

Mysterio got back up and went for the 619 which was blocked by Logan Paul. Mysterio hit Logan Paul with Code Red and he kicked out. As Paul and Mysterio were down on the mat one of Logan Paul’s friends handed him brass knuckles. Mysterio shoved Logan Paul into the turnbuckle and the brass knuckles fell outside of the ring.

Logan Paul’s friend tried to grab the brass knuckles then he was intercepted by Santos Escobar who picked them up and put them on the mat before chasing Logan’s friend through the crowd. Mysterio went for the 619 and Logan Paul grabbed the brass knuckles before Rey hit him in the face. Mysterio jumped off the ropes then Logan Paul punched Mysterio in the face to win the match and the United States Championship.