The stars of NXT stepped into the spotlight on Saturday night at No Mercy with several champions putting their titles on the line. Carmelo Hayes defended his NXT Championship against Ilja Dragunov and Dragunov ended up winning the belt for the first time in his career.

Both men pulled out all the stops in the title match which featured several near falls. Ilja Dragunov ended up hitting Carmelo Hayes with the H-Bomb twice, but it wasn’t enough to put Hayes away. Dragunov then went for a third H-Bomb from the top rope and he connected for the win.

After the match Ilja Dragunov celebrated with the NXT Championship, and he picked Carmelo Hayes up, but Hayes fell down into the ropes. Dragunov told Hayes to “get up” then he offered his hand to Carmelo Hayes. The former champion got up and shook Dragunov’s hand before exiting the ring.

Stay tuned for more updates on NXT No Mercy as they become available.