It’s believed that WWE officials aren’t very high up on Ryback at the moment and it’s said that he has heat for many different reasons. Officials feel that Ryback hasn’t really progressed in the ring and that he has actually regressed in the ring. Ryback is also known for roughing up several other talents such as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

WWE Officials also feel like Ryback doesn’t present himself very well when making media appearances for the company. The general complaint is that Ryback doesn’t seem happy to be there or happy to do interviews and it’s said that this started before the company had even turned him heel. Many people have described him as seeming like he gets annoyed by interviews.

It’s also being said that Vince McMahon who was once very high up on Ryback is now also losing faith in him. Vince McMahon is apparently event contemplating splitting up Ryback and Paul Heyman so that they can pair Heyman with someone else.