Seth Rollins shocked the wrestling world last Monday on Raw with his decision to turn on The Shield. With one faithful chair shot to Roman Reigns’ back, Seth Rollins gained instant credibility as a top heel in the business. As wrestling fans we love being shocked so lets take a look back at some of the other great Heel turns in WWE.



Mega Powers Implode

Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan were the two top baby faces in the company. If the two could stay on the same page they could’ve taken over the world but like always, a girl came between them. Macho Man played the jealous husband/boyfriend and the Hulkster played the overly nice guy. Things imploded when Miss Elizabeth was knocked out unintentionally during a match that the Mega Powers were competing in. Hogan jumped to the rescue bringing Elizabeth to the back seeking medical attention while in the mean time leaving Macho Man to try and fight off Big Boss Man and Akeem all by himself. Hogan would eventually come back to try and get tagged in by Macho but instead Savage would slap the taste out of Hogan’s mouth. Macho then would leave Hogan to fight on his own while he went to the back to give Elizabeth a piece of his mind. Hogan in true Hogan fashion defied the odds and beat Boss Man and Akeem. Then this happened…

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The Rockers Split

When the Rockers showed up to air their grievances on The Barber Shop things were already coming apart at the seams. What followed was one of the best heel turns ever because it helped spring board one of the greatest careers in WWE history. The Heartbreak Kid turned on his long time friend and tag partner Marty Jannetty. The best part of this heel turn was Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s commentary. Enjoy this classic.

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The Corporate Rock

The Corporate Rock is in my opinion when The Rock was at the top of his game. You were supposed to hate him for turning his back but it just made him even more awesome. For as a good of a baby face that The Rock is, he was just as great at being a heel.  Just watch and enjoy “The Great One” being just that, great.

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Stone Cold Joins Vince

The Attitude Era wouldn’t have been the same without the feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and his boss Mr. McMahon. The anti-authority angle really drove The Attitude Era agenda home and that all came to a screeching hault once Stone Cold shook hands with the devil himself. I’ll never forget that faithful night that I had my heart broken by the WWE. I was so enthralled with the Stone Cold and Rock feud that the last thing on my mind was Stone Cold turning heel in his home state. Turning heel would’ve been one thing but watching Steve Austin join the side of everything he seemed to despise was truly shocking.

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Trish Stratus

This was a great turn because the storyline involved Y2J and Christian as well. Trish really played the role of a heel so well that it was as if she was never meant to be a babyface. Christian and Jericho had one of the best matches on the card at Wrestlemania XX and the finish came when Trish cost Y2J the match. Trish and Christian then proceeded to swap spit at the top of the entrance ramp…

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This was simply great and awful. JR was great but this angle also brought in the fake Razor Ramon and fake Diesel.

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Hulk Hogan Goes Hollywood

I know this is a WWE Heel turn article but this one just had to be mentioned as well…

Hulk Hogan was perhaps the most over babyface of all time. Nobody thought Hogan would ever turn heel. Nobody. The Hulkster would always be wearing his red and yellow. The Hulk would always tell us to eat our vitamins and say our prayers. But then Hulk Hogan would throw that all away and when he went Hollywood. This will go down as the most shocking and greatest heel turns of all time. Hollywood Hogan and The Outsiders would literally change the face of sports entertainment. The NWO was a game changer and it wouldn’t have happened without Hulk Hogan’s heel turn. Everyone in the world was left with their jaws on the floor when the Hulkster hit the leg drop and high fived The Outsiders. Time to relive the greatness of that moment…

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