Lita recently returned to WWE programming and she seems to be on a roll right now as she and Becky Lynch captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship a few weeks ago when they defeated Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky.

The women’s division has come a long way since Lita’s heyday and she recently explained during an interview with The Bet Las Vegas that she always wanted to be part of a Money in the Bank or Elimination Chamber match.

“I remember when the first Elimination Chamber happened […] I remember when the first Money in the Bank match happened. How excited the guys were to have a new match to look forward to with a new element.”

“Hey I want to do that. … We felt that we just had to quietly look from the sidelines. We would’ve been laughed out of the building if we suggested ‘what if we had one of those next year?”

So far Lita has yet to compete in a Money in the Bank or Elimination Chamber match, but with the way things are going with her career there’s always the possibility that it could happen someday. For now Lita is looking ahead to WrestleMania as she’s currently set to team with Becky Lynch & Trish Stratus to take on Damage CTRL on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

H/T Wrestling Inc.