Next week’s episode of AEW Dynamite is set to take place from Independence, MO and Tony Khan recently announced on Twitter that Kenny Omega will face off against El Higo Del Vikingo in what he himself called a “dream match.”

The “dream match” label was met with some criticism from fans online who noted that they didn’t even know who El Higo Del Vikingo was. Khan later responded to the criticism by claiming some accounts only exist to rip on AEW when he posted the following:

“They aren’t doing it to be genuine. A large % of those replies aren’t from real people, a lot of them are accounts that upon inspection seem to only exist to question and rip AEW and most of their other content seems to be a cover story to justify the existence of these accounts.”

“One of my favorite bits they do is when they claim they used to love AEW in the old days, but not anymore, yet when you dig into their old posts, there’s nothing positive on AEW ever. Yes, I’m sure you all used to be great fans despite no evidence of that whatsoever.”