Neville is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and at one point he was considered to be the King of the Cruiserweights, but that all changed when he reportedly walked out before Monday Night Raw months ago.

Since then the cruiserweight division has undergone some huge changes as Enzo Amore was released, and the Cruiserweight Championship is now vacant. As fans wait to see who will become the next champion, there are still a lot of questions regarding Neville’s future that need to be cleared up.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that talks are open once again regarding Neville’s return, and if it does happen the target is for him to return in April.

Neville was looking at leaving, but he’s in a bad situation as the company has refused to release him from his contract.

Depending on what happens the situation will either get better or worse for the former Cruiserweight Champion, as the company could potentially freeze his contract while he’s not performing if they can’t agree to terms.

It seems that Neville was unhappy with how his WWE career was going and wants to return to the independent scene. The only problem is in order to do that it sounds like he’ll have to fulfill his WWE contract to get to where he wants to go.