The WWE Superstar Shake-up is coming folks, so you better be ready. The shake-up is set to take place over the course of Monday’s episode of Raw, and Tuesday’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live. Superstars from both brands will be switching places, and there have been quite a few rumors going around in regards to who will be jumping ship.

One of the most consistent rumors that seems to be making the rounds claims that AJ Styles will be making the jump to Raw. Dave Meltzer noted on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Styles is still likely to move to Raw, but he’s heard mixed responses in regards to Roman Reigns possibly moving to SmackDown Live.

WWE officials have been planning the Superstar Shake-up for months, but the actual moves have only been discussed over the past week or so.

Current plans still call for The New Day to move to SmackDown, and it was also noted Charlotte and Alexa Bliss are all but confirmed to switch brands next week. Sasha Banks is another name that has been discussed for a possible move to SmackDown Live.

As stated above, there have been a lot of rumors circulating in regards to who will be switching brands on Monday and Tuesday night. Although AJ Styles’ name has consistently come up in regards to a jump to the Raw brand, it’s also been rumored that WWE officials are also considering reuniting him with The Club on SmackDown.

This is professional wrestling after all, so nothing even happens until it happens. But one thing’s for sure, Monday’s episode of Raw and Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live will likely make for some entertaining television, and hopefully there will be a few shocking surprises along the way.