If you’ve been following Lana’s career since the get-go then you know her skills on the microphone are way greater than anything she’s shown us in the ring so far. Before she was the Ravishing Russian on Tuesday nights trying desperately to attain the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Lana was a mouthpiece for The Bulgarian Brute and was relentless in teaching Rusev how to crush.

Now it would appear Lana has a new project and someone else to teach. Tamina Snuka and Lana had a pretty strange genesis to their relationship and some remarked how it resembled an “Orange Is The New Black” situation in the beginning. But this pairing has resulted in Lana simply taking on a new protégé. Apparently, Lana has plenty to teach and WWE is going to allow her to share all of her cold-hearted wisdom with Tamina Snuka.

Tamina crushed an enhancement talent on SmackDown Live this week to start her run with Lana as her mentor. Lana didn’t drop the mic at all during the contest as she ordered Tamina to crush and the 39-year-old Snuka did just that.

But there are still fans out there who would like to throw some shade at this new pairing on SmackDown Live. One fan felt the need to call Tamina a “Nia Jax rip-off.” This didn’t set too well with The Ravishing Russain as she commented that the Twitter troglodyte was simply a “pathetic villager” because Tamina was in WWE way before The Girl Who’s Not Like Most Girls ever stepped in the ring.

Lana is correct because Tamina has been with WWE for seven years at this point. She has come close to attaining a top spot in the women’s division in the past but she’s always fallen short. Perhaps under Lana’s tutelage things will be different for Tamina this time around.

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