lacey evans

It’s certainly not uncommon for legends to pop up in WWE from time to time, and fans saw quite a few names from the past during the recent Raw reunion show.

Lacey Evans has made it clear that she’s not a big fan of legends returning, and she recently got into a Twitter feud with WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze.

During an interview with the Montreal Gazette, Evans doubled down on her comments about legends and called them “yesterday’s nasties.”

“There’s always a chance for anything. There’s a chance for the world to end tomorrow, honey. But let me tell you, the only thing that I’ll say on that is the day that Alundra Blayze wants to get her hands on me, I will not step down. I don’t care what legends come after me. I don’t back down from anybody. I did say that today’s legends are yesterday’s nasties. It’s the truth. It’s the time for Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans, Charlotte Flair … we are current talent so if (the legends) could please just step down and allow the current talent to take over, like we are more than capable of doing, that would be great.”

“We have Trish Stratus coming back. Why, when Lacey Evans could be whooping Charlotte Flair’s ass? It is time that the legends sit down and the ladies step up. That lady being Lacey Evans, because Lacey Evans is the future. Not Madusa, not Alundra Blayze — it’s Lacey Evans. And you can tell the entire world that I said that.”

For months Evans was being featured as one of the top stars on Raw during her feud with Becky Lynch, but she hasn’t had a major role on TV since that feud wrapped up.

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