kurt angle

WWE’s line of video games have become a very important part of some fans’ yearly pro wrestling experience. For years they have had to create their own versions of Kurt Angle but this year WWE 2K18 will feature Kurt Angle as the special pre-order downloadable character.

It was noted in the recent Observer Newsletter that the decision to make Kurt Angle the downloadable character was ultimately up to Vince McMahon. Angle was suggested by the 2K team but Vince had the final say so. But it is also noted since Vince approved Sting, Ultimate Warrior, and Goldberg in previous years it only seemed logical he would approve Kurt Angle as well.

It is said the only person Vince McMahon wouldn’t have approved as a downloadable character in the new WWE 2K18 game would be CM Punk. But Meltzer said McMahon’s stance on even Punk is sure to soften over time. Besides, Vince McMahon loves money and having CM Punk attached to WWE’s newest video game would probably bring in boat loads of it.

When Sting came back and was still just as over with the fans as he ever was it really opened up WWE’s eyes to his popularity. But Sting didn’t need a video game to bring back fan interest.

Kurt Angle was approved because he honestly would have always been approved. Unlike Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior who had no chance of coming back unless they were featured in 2K’s video game, Kurt Angle never lost his standing with the company.

As with most of the previous cases of downloadable characters in WWE’s 2K video games their appearance in the video game meant a return to WWE. Ultimate Warrior returned as a WWE Hall Of Famer while Sting and Goldberg actually came back to work a few matches. While it isn’t known for sure if Kurt Angle will wrestle again for WWE, it hasn’t been ruled out just yet.


  1. Sorry 2k, but this year i will be spending my time on Fire Pro World. Been waiting years for a new Fire Pro Game.