The ending of Raw this week was pretty brutal with a second chance fatal four-way match to determine who would be the 6th man to earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber match. But it turns out fans were wrong on every number when assuming the final result of this one.

Kurt Angle came out to announce Ronda Rousey would be appearing at Elimination Chamber and Jason Jordan was out until after WrestleMania. Following chastising the San Jose crowd for cheering when they heard about Angle’s baby boy’s boo-boo, Seth Rollins came out to vent as well. It turns out JJ had a lot to do with the Cross Fit Jesus’ upcoming storylines. Rollins was set to tag with Jordan and battle The Bar after all in an attempt to win back their Raw Tag Team Titles. But it turns out maybe The Bar are without opponents for now as well since Jason is out of action.

While in the ring, Rollins told Angle he wanted in the main event match to determine the final Elimination Chamber match spot and after asking the crowd what they thought, Kurt booked the match.

What resulted after that was an intense main event which was very well booked until the end which made no sense. They teased an epic tower of doom move earlier in the match but Bray Wyatt broke it up causing the crowd to boo in disappointment. Later on in the match, Bray Wyatt was the center square in another tower of doom which was successful. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, who were at the bottom of the highspot pinned Bray at the same time and the referee counted to three for some reason.

Raw went off the air in utter confusion this week but it turns out Kurt Angle had another big announcement in him. This time he cleared up some questions about what the heck we just saw. Now Seth Rollins and Finn Balor are both in the Elimination Chamber match as well.

So it will now be 7 men fighting in the unforgiving structure this time around. But we still don’t know why the referee counted to three with two men covering the same man.

On a side note, I totally called this in my Raw recap which you should totally check out. Now I just wonder how they’re going to book this match because as I stated in the recap, they can’t add another pod to the chamber so they’re likely to start as a triple threat. This might be interesting but it also might make it even more irrelevant that The Miz lost a match to John Cena earlier in the night meaning he is going in first.