the new day

The New Day have been one of WWE’s most popular acts for years now, but the version of the group that we see on a weekly basis is not what Vince McMahon originally had in mind for the trio.

Kofi Kingston talked to about The New Day’s beginnings, and he said that Vince originally wanted them to be a group of preachers who talked about the gospel of positivity.

“From the very inception of New Day, we told Vince McMahon no matter what he gave us we would be able to make it work, because we believe in the chemistry we had. Going back and forth with Vince, we had a very different idea of what we wanted it to be. The idea he came back with, we said, ‘OK, he’s really gonna test us on this guarantee we gave him of making anything he gave us work.’”

It doesn’t look like WWE has plans to break up The New Day any time soon, and Kofi noted that it’s their chemistry that makes it all work, and they’ve never gotten into a fight.

“The stars aligned, and our chemistry is unbelievable. When we go out there, we’re having genuine fun. We’re not just characters going out there acting like it; it’s actual fun we’re having, and people feel that energy and want to be a part of it. We’ve been traveling together for almost five years now, and we’ve never gotten into a fight ever. We all have the same interests and same hobbies, and we all want to be the best and at the forefront of sports entertainment in WWE. We’re fortunate to be in that position.”

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