kofi kingston

Kofi Kingston is getting a lot of attention right now because he’s the current WWE Champion, and over the last few years Kingston has managed to get a lot of people talking with his infamous Royal Rumble spots.

Kingston recently spoke to The Wrap about how he puts the spots together, and he revealed that he usually turns to Hornswoggle for help.

“Hornswoggle usually is the guy who I go back and forth and brainstorm with. [He’s] my brainstorming buddy, we used to room together and travel together on the road when he was here. Being the guy who has the ‘Rumble spots,’ per se … a lot of people will be thinking for me.”

When asked why he started doing the spots, Kingston noted that he saw a void he thought needed to be filled in the big Royal Rumble match.

“I just saw it as a void — it was open — that needed to be filled. Especially after John Morrison left.”

We’re still months away from the next Royal Rumble, and with Kofi currently holding the title he doesn’t need to compete in a Royal Rumble match, but it will be interesting to see where Kofi is at come January, and if he gives fans another memorable spot to talk about.