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Wrestling fans are just a different breed. We’re not like other people. Truth be told we see the world differently and once you become a true wrestling fan there’s just now turning back. You know you’re a wrestling fan if you can relate to anything you’re about to read below.


You think jorts are an acceptable fashion statement.





You refer to your female friends as the divas division.

Total Divas - Season: 2



When good things happen in your life you start to think you’re getting a push.





When you go places you randomly WOOOOO and expect other people to do the same.





You have to sign a contract and automatically assume a brawl will break out.





You look forward to Mondays.




This is how you wake up.





You ask someone what they think just so you can tell them it doesn’t matter what they think.

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You enter a room full of women and say “hello ladies.”





You insist on having your own entrance music when you show up to a party.

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When quitting your job you insist on sitting indian style in the middle of the office and airing your grievances before you leave.





You contemplate making a heel turn when you feel that you’ve been wronged.





You just don’t look at tables the same way everyone else does.

table1 table2



When someone asks what your favorite song is you respond by naming your favorite wrestler’s entrance music without even thinking twice.

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You watch movies just because The Rock is in them.




When someone tells you to take care you tell them to spike their hair.




When someone says they want some TLC you ask if they have the proper equipment.





You hear glass shatter and assume that Stone Cold will soon be making his entrance.

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When you make a mistake you refer to it as a botch.

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When you break up with someone you wish them the best in their future endeavors.





You can’t understand why the hashtag #WCW is associated with pictures of beautiful women.





You can’t finish a bottle of water because you have to spit it out.




You finish most of your sentences with the word brother.




Instead of casually saying yes you point your fingers to the sky and shout it continuously.




The Shield’s entrance music plays in your head every single time you walk down a flight of stairs.

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  1. I was talking to a teacher of mine and he told me “Best of luck in your future endeavors” and i stated cracking up. Then he thought i was insane

  2. Dude, I swear, every movie I’ve watched has had The Rock in it. Ever since I started watching wrestling when I was 5