When Killer Kross was in NXT it seemed that he had a bright future ahead of him on the main roster. However, that wasn’t the case at all as WWE quickly made changes to his presentation after he got called up.

It wasn’t long before WWE decided to give Killer Kross new ring attire which included a gladiator helmet. Fans were baffled by the decision, and it seems that they weren’t the only ones who were unsure about the new ring gear. Recently Killer Kross spoke to the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling about his reaction to the gear which he admitted he thought looked like trash.

“What I was told was this was going to be an upgraded version of what I was previously doing in NXT, upgraded. A bigger and better version of what I did. And they said they wanted to give me new music and they wanted to switch up my entrance a little bit. And then, we got this mock-up of this outfit and it looked cheap and horrendous and I said, ‘Surely this is just a concept? This is not what they’re actually trying to manufacture or engineer because this is a billion-dollar company and this looks like trash.’ Sure enough, the day comes, we get the costume and I was, like, ‘Boy, I don’t know about this.'”

Kross debuted on Raw on the July 19th, 2021 episode while he was the NXT Champion, and he lost a match to Jeff Hardy in less than two minutes. He only lasted a few months on the main roster as he was later released in November of 2021.

H/T Wrestling Inc.