kevin owens

Kevin Owens has been one of the top stars on the blue brand for some time now, and over the last few months he’s been feuding with the one and one Shane McMahon.

But the former Universal Champion didn’t appear on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, and he joked on Twitter that he figured if he didn’t appear then Shane wouldn’t either.

He then went on to explain that he didn’t want to leave his family alone with a potential hurricane on the way, referring to Hurricane Dorian.

Owens posted the following on Twitter:

“I figured if I didn’t show up, maybe Shane wouldn’t either and I’d be doing everyone a favor. It worked! 👍

Actually, I didn’t want to fly out early and leave my family in a potential hurricane, referring t Hurricane Dorian. I tried to get to Norfolk today once I knew they‘d be safe but no luck.

It’s on me.”