It’s a very special time when Kevin Owens comes into town, especially if that town is Montreal. Owens’ close friends and family were at ringside and he made sure each one of them had a ticket to the show in his hometown. During the main event, Kevin Owens’ father even had a chance to get up in Roman Reigns’ face a little bit and as you can see he is a big fan of his son and no so much of The Big Dog.

Kevin’s father was vocal during the entire time Owens was in the ring cheering on every action his son performed. It’s obvious that he is proud of his boy and has always been a huge supporter of his son every step of the way.

It’s surprising WWE didn’t have their announce team bring out the term “bizarro world” when describing Montreal on Monday because they really seemed to be against the top babyfaces who weren’t Seth Rollins. But then again, maybe that’s because they were fighting the hometown boys during the show.

Only time will tell if Kevin Owens can reclaim the Universal Title but if fan support can keep up even a fraction of what it was like in Montreal then he might be on the right track.

This crowd was super hot and it would be nice if Raw got this kind of reaction every week especially if it was a better show. It’s also curious how they booked the main event where the babyfaces and heels were essentially swapped out because even Jinder Mahal received a good pop from those more smartened up fans who realized he’s Indo-Canadian.

But even though Kevin Owens didn’t pick up the win in Montreal at least Roman Reigns didn’t either to give a better chance for a positive reaction from the crowd. The Monster Among Men didn’t receive the best reaction from Terry Steen though.

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